Trew Medicine

Last week, I found the most amazing, potent medicine – in a field. It didn’t come in a bottle (I wish it did, I’d send you all a freebie), nor a syringe, tablet, nor IV. You can’t get it on prescription, but it IS perfectly legal! It is the dream made manifest of one extraordinary…

To prognosticate or not to prognosticate

“So what’s your prognosis?” If I had a pound for every time someone asked that question, well, I could probably fund a feet-up, rub-down weekend at Champneys. But I’m just going to say it – it royally p***** me off! I made the choice not to ask for my oncologist’s prognosis as to my impending mortality….

The Benefits of facing a Challenge

As if life were not currently challenging enough, someone in their wisdom, namely myself, decided that more challenge was required. “Why not organise a talk?” I said to no one but myself. Seemed a brilliant idea in the moment. Never mind that perhaps my attention should be on more pressing matters, such as my health….

Seasons Greeting with Love

Wishing friends and loved ones, old and new, near and far, the very best of Christmases. May your stockings be filled with joy, laughter, song, cheer, magic, peace and love and a sackful of HO HO Hope. Thank you for all your support and prayers and wishes throughout the year. #attitudeofgratitude. xxx So I’m a…

Breathe In -Lung Cancer Awareness Month

So, last month was Lung Cancer Awareness month, was it? Oh dear, sorry I wasn’t aware of it. My invite must have got lost in the post! But, better late than never. So, here I go: Lung Cancer is THE biggest cancer killer of  men and women in the UK. Every 15 minutes someone dies…