Actress, yoga teacher, shamanic healer. Leah Bracknell was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in September 2016 after almost dying from an acute pericardial effusion and cardiac tamponade. Walk with Leah as she takes you by the hand and embarks on a pilgrimage of healing, wholeness and gliding.

Gloriously Living In Defiance of Expectation = GLIDING

“I chose to cultivate a relationship with my disease.  To ask it: why are you here? And what have you to teach me? I discovered that when I ceased regarding cancer as my enemy and looked beyond the fear, it gave me the opportunity to embark on a profound personal healing journey, emotionally and spiritually that has transformed my whole outlook on life.

Having cancer has restored a deep appreciation and gratitude for my existence. It has been an awakening. Cancer has been my greatest challenge, but also my greatest teacher, one that has rekindled my passion for life. It has taught me that a life well lived is the best medicine, that we can all be the alchemists of our own “healing”, whatever the outcome, and that life is not merely about existing or surviving, but thriving with a capitol T.

Cancer has given me back my life.

my warmest blessings to you,

Leah x

Leah is currently writing a book based on memoire, her experiences and musings on the journey with cancer and her cancer rebel manifesto. She is actively looking for literary representation to assist in this.