Cancer Care in the UK – what’s the prognosis?

Cancer is more than just a disease it’s political. Yesterday, when former member of parliament and cabinet minister, Dame Tessa Jowell, herself diagnosed with brain cancer and seriously ill, addressed her peers with a deeply honest and moving account of what it is like standing on the front line fighting for your life, we know…

To prognosticate or not to prognosticate

“So what’s your prognosis?” If I had a pound for every time someone asked that question, well, I could probably fund a feet-up, rub-down weekend at Champneys. But I’m just going to say it – it royally p***** me off! I made the choice not to ask for my oncologist’s prognosis as to my impending mortality….

The Benefits of facing a Challenge

As if life were not currently challenging enough, someone in their wisdom, namely myself, decided that more challenge was required. “Why not organise a talk?” I said to no one but myself. Seemed a brilliant idea in the moment. Never mind that perhaps my attention should be on more pressing matters, such as my health….