Mind As Medicine

It’s a long one!!! Bear with!

Distant healing meditation tonight 9-10pm. Where you are.

As I make my way along this sacred journey with my disease. More and more I am convinced of the power of our own minds to undertake a crucial and powerful role in our healing. We have the capacity to be great manifesters (of both positive and negative outcomes) if we chose to believe it, if we are open to the concept, on both a conscious and subconscious level. Once we chose to believe this it opens the door to putting us in the driving seat of our own healing journey, of embodying and becoming the alchemist of our own healing.

Healing of the mind, emotions, body and spirit. They are all intertwined, interconnected. Healing is different from cure, which is more in alignment with a medical model which subscribes to a success or failure, win or lose, live or die, or live at any cost viewpoint. To seek healing is infinitely more subtle, it is the pursuit of that which makes you feel better, that which makes you feel more whole, it can bring enrichment, quality of life and on some level restoration, there are many ways to approach it, it is as much about the journey as the end result, in contrast to conventional medicine which requires an outcome that satisfies verifiable research, data and statistics, and for many people falls devastatingly short when there is nothing left to offer.
On more than one occasion I have faced the fact that conventional medicine has “nothing left to offer.”Until a glimmer of hope was thrown into the ring last year with a trial placement. That notwithstanding, and in the face of a hope-less future, I realised that what I did have , and probably always have had, was me. My mind, my spirit, and a willingness, or rather – no choice, than to turn away from the fear that was enveloping me,
and embrace the mystery. To welcome the medicine that lies beyond the parameters of traditional thinking which requires material proof. This medicine is within us all, it is the medicine of magical thinking, of thinking outside the box, it is our unique superpower where lies a seed of potential for making the impossible possible.

The journey of a cancer patient is a well trodden path with expectations that define our experience as a battle, a roller coaster, tragic, devastating, where we are cast as sufferer and victim to this devastating disease. I do not begin to deny that this is how millions experience its effects. Including,at times, myself.

However, I have felt more empowered by adopting a more proactive response, mentally emotionally and spiritually. One that has meant that this journey has become more than something merely to be feared and dreaded and endured, but a challenge that has evolved into an opportunity to learn and grow, to delve deeper into the sacred realms of life, to test my resolve, my personal power, to immerse myself in life, to acknowledge when it hurts, and my ability to get back on the horse again and again and again. I have learned not to surrender to cancer as a bully, but to stand strong. I believe we all have the power to change our thinking, we can all develop a more positive and less body and soul destroying relationship with our disease. We can manifest healing by the power of our mind Our body and mind cannot differentiate between what is real and what is imagined.



But when a thought is accompanied by a strong emotion it becomes a belief, and that belief isn’t restricted just to our so called mind, as the body responds to the emotional impact. If our thinking or belief systems promote a negative or stress response – the body will act accordingly. If your thinking is calm, relaxed and positive then the body too will maintain a healthy balanced equilibrium.

So how can we change our thinking? easier said than done. When I was initially diagnosed, I found that my default mental setting was following a pattern. I realised that I was envisaging my own funeral. Not deliberately , it was just a vision that kept popping into my head in incredible detail. On repeat. And I found my husband was doing the same. This had to stop.! At once! This was not what I want to manifest. This is not the future I want, no matter what professionals and their prognoses and statistics may have been telling me. I made a conscious decision to reject it. If I noticed the funeral scenario playing out in my mind I replaced it with a vision of a future i chose, and that I want for myself. Not in a years time, or five. No, it’s my mind and I’m going to go large. I vision myself enjoying a happy fulfilling old age, full of vitality and purpose. The vision is detailed, thorough, and I visit it often, sometimes as a place of comfort and refuge and at others to enhance and embed the vision deep into my soul, so that it feels real. And on some level , it is.
Our mind is powerful and valuable tool if used in the right way, it is a potent and vital medicine necessary for our sacred journey, our cancer pilgrimage. Polish it, sharpen it, and aim it with intent at the bullseye of your hopes and dreams.
Tonight I shall be opening the space for another distant healing meditation journey: a time to give yourself permission to relax, and focus on self healing.

The intention be to open with a prayer of gratitude: gratitude for your life, for all those that support you on your journey, gratitude for any medicines you are working with conventional or otherwise, gratitude for the small things, for the achievements you make , getting out of bed, having a meal, talking to a friend, as sometimes these can seem mountainous.

Then consciously set yourself the intention to visualise the future you want for yourself. Go as big as you dare. What’s to stop you? Does it seem crazy? Well how will you know unless you try? Really see yourself in this future, who are you with? Where are you? What are you doing? How do you feel? If the little negative gremlins of doubt and cynicism pop up, thank them and acknowledge them for the challenge they present, but that you no longer require them. And return to your positive future vision. This may have to be repeated, don’t stress, be compassionate with yourself if it seems hard. It is. I am aware that for some people even thinking about a future is a challenging concept. I agree it is. But that’s when I give myself a talking to, and tell myself I will not let fear or cancer bully me into submission. The rules are changing. We are rebelling, for too long we have associated cancer with death and dying and misery, this has not been my experience, it has been difficult beyond words, but by changing and openingmy mind, by turning old perceptions on their head, by writing my own rules, by becoming a cancer rebel, it has helped me to find my way back to living. I focus on Life , not Death, on what I have not what I lack, on what I have achieved not what is no longer possible for me. OK, so it doesn’t work all the time, but it’s a strong compass. It gives me my true north. I focus on Living despite everything, despite the immense challenges, with a clearer purpose, greater appreciation, in praise of life, and stronger heart than ever before.
So tonight , if you are called switch off the lights, phones down, maybe light a candle or some insence , lay down, tune into the rhythm of your breath. Let go. You can be in silence, you can play some music, whatever calls. Hand in hand across the miles we lift each other up.
Opening 9pm close 10pm
I hope you can join me, in love, health, peace, gratitude, and celebration.

11 Comments Add yours

  1. Mary Ashton says:

    Bless you Leah, you are one inspiring woman X


  2. kaymanby says:

    joining you my beautiful friend, courageous ground breaker and goddess in your won realm xxxx



    1. oh so glad you could make it, all my love as always xxx


  3. Julie Wheatley says:

    I’m starting now Leah xx


  4. Rach says:

    Wonderful post. Kelly Turner’s book Radical Remission and You Are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter
    by Dr Joe Dispenza might be of interest. Kelly research of terminal cancer patients who underwent a spontaneous remission, looking at the top 10 things they did, found were treatment related nut 7 were mind related e.g. losing the fear, taking control of their own health, forgiveness of self and others,… While Joe’s book is almost a training manual to make changes in mindset, very much like you are doing, changing the narrative.


    1. I have read and am inspired by both, thank you x


  5. Brenda Byrne says:

    You are such a beautiful person inside and out , sick or not sick , you are living proof how powerful our minds are .i wish you all the healing I have and hope that your journey stays full of light , hope and truth . You are a beautiful soul 🌸🙏🌈


  6. Helen Thomas says:

    Dear Leah, I saw you on Lorraine recently and shortly after I practiced remote healing for you. It’s a very powerful method and I wanted to let you know that you can practice this yourself and have loved ones join you if you’d like to. Greg Braden speaks about it in this video:

    The healing is about feeling gratitude for the healing happening, rather than asking it to happen. So, you would feel very stong feelings of joyful gratitude for your cancer having healed and released from your body. You visualise your body cancer free and feel how it feels to be completely healthy and vital. This puts a clear message out into the field of what reality needs to manifest.

    You may have come across Greg already but just wanted to emphasise this aspect of manifestation.

    Love and blessings,



    1. Thank you so much Helen. Gratitude is such a powerful medicine to work with.


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