Morning Prayer


If I can wake each morning with a prayer of gratitude in my heart, and close each day with the same, I know I am living well.

If I can acknowledge all the blessings and gifts that come my way, now, yesterday and tomorrow, it blows away the cobwebs of fear and grief and confusion and despair, and my life feels sweeter and richer than never before.

If I can plant the seed of hope in the garden of my soul, and nourish it with love and compassion, and fertilise it with forgiveness, and water it with the sweet cleansing rain of faith, trust and belief, then I will witness how it flourishes and grows and reaches its roots deep into my heart and every cell of my being, and blossoms in the winter of my yesterdays lost and blooms on the horizon of tomorrow, with the gift of divine grace and beauty, until my spirit soars like an eagle high above the mountains of the Sierra Madre.

If I can remember that each step I take is supported by a thousand ancestors, then I need never fear being alone, abandoned or forgotten. No matter where the path leads.

If I understand that everything happens for a reason it colours my experience with the understanding that all challenges we face are an opportunity to learn and grow, to heal what we have ignored, to love harder, live more passionately, to serve more gracefully, to reach out and join hands with those who need a friend, and to take the hand of those who reach out to us. To embrace life, to embrace one another, build bridges where the way is blocked, and honour this wonderful earth, our Mother, our home.

I have awoken with a fire in my belly, a good fire, one that speaks of life, a beacon in the dark, and if I place it on a high enough peak perhaps you can see it, perhaps it can light a flame in your heart, and when you feel its warmth, then you may be able to light one too, to pass it on, for each of us can be a light in the dark for someone else, and someone else, and someone else, until there is a chain of golden light shining far and wide connecting us one to another. Encircling us in our connection not our disparity, healing not dividing, loving not hating.

If I remember that it is not personal, that the universe is not out to punish me or anyone, that I have not offended god, I have not been bad in a previous life, but that the nature of existence for every inhabitant of this incredible planet: human, animal, plant, mineral, follows the natural order of birth, life and death. At least in the physical and material sense. Then I see that it is not a matter of justice or injustice, it just is. And our spirit sings the song of our soul long before we understood that we had chosen to come here, and our story will echo in the hearts of those we touch long after our job here is done, like a whisper to those who come after us for generations to come. When we become the ancestors who guide the way.

day of dead

I had the honour and privilege this week of sharing a beautiful and profoundly moving ceremony dedicated to honouring our ancestors and those who have passed, sitting in circle with our dear sister and brother from Mexico and friends old and new to celebrate el Dia de Muertos – The Day of the Dead.

teepeeIn a teepee, in a field, under the stars, surrounded by pigs, the call of the owls disturbed by this unexpected nocturnal intrusion piercing the quiet, we gathered together to pray.

In the centre the fire unites us, one to another, and carries our prayers back in time to those who have departed, melting the boundries of life and death. To be able to acknowledge the gift our ancestors have given us, through the living of their lives, generation after generation, their stories flowing in our veins if not our memories, their successes, their failures, their struggles, their joys, to be able to thank them, to weep for them, is a truly humbling experience. One that is not merely about mourning, but celebrating and honouring. And more than that, it is about remembering, even those we didn’t know for they live in us, and feeding them with love.


The altar was resplendent in offerings of flowers, favourite foods, candles, fruits, interspersed with pictures of loved ones. Sacred songs were shared, and beautiful, healing prayers offered to Grandfather fire, with Mother Earth, the stars, the moon, and each other as witness to this moment of beauty. A moment in time in which all our stories weave together across space and time, one unique moment never to be repeated, where we become one with each other and all that is the great mystery of life.                 To be able to make a prayer of gratitude, to give thanks before and above all else is, I have discovered , one of the most powerful medicines I know. I realise prayer, is not merely for demanding what I want or feel I need when the chips are down or when the horse has bolted, but is a doorway to connect with something which unites and inspires, and transcends the material, the mundane, the profane, and gives voice to the person I aspire to be.

So, if I may, on this beautiful, mysterious, misty morning,  I’d like to share my morning prayer with you:

To all our relations, those who have walked before us, and those who will come after, to our allies and guides who walk with us in invisible realms, Thank You.

Thank you for my life. Thank you for my health. Thank you for guiding me and giving me strength and inspiring me each day.

Thank you for my beautiful family, my husband, my mother, my children, my friends far and wide, I pray that you watch over them, keep them well, protect them, give them strength when they feel weak, inspiration when they are lost, and keep the flame of hope alive always in their hearts. I pray they feel loved when they are alone, and that they see and know the beauty of their spirit.

Thank you for all the support and prayers with which I have been blessed, and I pray that I have the grace and humility to truly accept them. And that I may find a way to honour them in return. I give thanks for the ceremonies that have been held in my honour and for those who prayed for me there. I thank you. Deeply from the bottom of my heart.

I give deep thanks for the friendship of our brothers and sisters from Mexico, for the journey shared, for their love and prayers, I pray for them, for their healing and protection of their land and their home. Long may our friendship continue. I pray I may return soon.

Thank you for the healings I have received, for all the medicines that I work with, conventional and alternative. For those that are part of my healing journey. For the abundance of food I have to eat. For my home, my shelter, my haven.

Thank you for my feline friends, who sit with me, make me laugh and drive me mad with little “gifts”.

Thank you for showing me the joy in life that once had become hidden from view, which, despite the greatest of challenges, has exploded like a dazzling firework in the darkest night sky, reinstating a profound sense of wonder and awe.

Thank you for teaching me that a life well lived is the best medicine, and that we can be the alchemists of our own healing, that we can chose to be extraordinary, that life is not about merely existing or surviving but about Thriving with a capitol T.

Teach me to be compassionate and forgiving. Not to judge or criticise neither myself or others too harshly.

And remind  me to sing and laugh and dance each and every day, if not literally, then let my spirit dance with wild abandon wherever I may find myself.

Thank you for giving me my voice, and for daring me to use it when my instinct would have me hide away and retreat to my cave.

Thank you for helping me to see and to understand why I am here, for giving me meaning and restoring purpose, for showing me how I may continue to be of service in gratitude for the life I have been given.

I pray that we may all remember the song that the stars were singing when we were born, that tell us who we are, how precious we are, and how brilliantly we can shine.

I dedicate this prayer to you, with respect, with gratitude and with love.

Blessed Be.

Venado Azul












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  1. Linda Giannikitzakis says:

    Such beautiful inspirational words. lost my darling husband to cancer last year, today was a bad day, but reading your inspiring words has lifted my heart x God bless

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  2. Joanne Scanlon says:

    Leah, this is so beautifully written and clearly from the heart, I adore it. Thank you too for your gentle reminder of gratitude and blessings, I needed this now. Joanne xx

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Ann Burch says:

    Oh Leah… how very perfect these words of heart, of wisdom and of compassion💜
    Your little light shined so brightly it caused a spark to ignite in me that has gone on to light the hearts and minds of many who I treat each day… I wonder if you know how invaluable that has been to those in despair or distress…
    I pray that your heart feels their gratitude as it does mine when I speak for myself and for others each time I see and feel and understand from your words here and elsewhere… Bless you and please remember your ‘wonderfulness’ has been a gift that has become like pass the parcel… thank you again😘💜

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  4. FofoFl'or says:

    i love this post, and your blog,i love the way you chose to see cancer as a teacher, i think it could apply to my mental illness as well! and this prayer reminds me of how today when i was feeling particularly challenged by my illness and life in general and didn’t know ow to pray i chose to thank God for everything instead! and it has a magical healing effect, finding gratitude in everything!


  5. Breege Kilcullen Quinn says:

    Thank you Leah for your wonderful, inspiring words, they mean a lot to me at the moment, x


  6. Sue Vincent says:

    With or without cancer, this is one of the most beautiful prayers I have ever read. Thank you.

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      1. Sue Vincent says:

        Would you mind if I share it on my blog, Leah? These are words to live by. x


      2. Honoured, please do, Sue x


      3. Sue Vincent says:

        Thank you, Leah. I will include it in a piece going out tomorrow morning. x


  7. So beautiful. Thank you to Sue Vincent for pointing the way to your blog. ❤

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  8. dgkaye says:

    So beautiful. I’m glad Sue’s shared this on her blog. Wishing you peace and health. 🙂

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  9. Keith says:

    Not much to say, other than … Thank You!

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  10. Paula Pickersgill says:

    Please read brands bays the journey
    It saved me an 8 hr operation and my surgeon didn’t know why he couldn’t find the Crohns decease I’ve since helped other people with it I hope you do read it

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  11. MT says:

    You mention alchemy, ‘the alchemists of our own health’, and shamanism. Do check out a book called Pregnant Darkness, as the author, Monika Wikman, healed herself of cancer by coming into contact with the numinous, or a book like The Black Sun, Stanton Marlan, focused more on the darkness of the nigredo, or anything by Louise Von Franz, all concerning a Jungian perspective of alchemy, for more on the subject. Love to you! You’re in my thoughts, having seen another headline and update. You look incredible, so you must be doing the right thing. Keep on loving, smiling, laughing and soldiering on, as we all do!


  12. MT says:

    Sincerely, this is where I first read an excerpt before picking up a copy, for the alchemy, based on mystical experiences I’d had, but here you will be able to read in the introduction the author’s perspective and see if the book overall synchronistically connects with you and your life experiences in any way:



  13. MT says:

    I know you’re going to get through this, Leah! 🙂 You know it and I know it, and everyone else shall know it! x


    1. MT says:

      You’re not running out of options, you’re running WITH options! Many options still to apply and many options to rediscover. One way or another, you are going to get through this, Leah 🙂 I know you are, I know you are.


  14. MT says:

    Heard of gynostemma (tea)? One to research. There have been some positive studies to do with lung cancer. It’s a very beneficial herb all ’round.


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