Do you see?

There it goes again

Slipping through my fingers

just like that

like a half heard whisper

the taste of a half remembered kiss

the scent of a childhood memory

buried at the bottom of the chest

beneath a lifetime of laughter, love and loss.

Time waits for no man, so they say,

You can’t go under it, you can’t go over it, you can’t go round it,

you gotta go through it,

do it,

careful don’t waste it

don’t spill it

don’t lose it

don’t kill it.

Frame it

Pocket it

Wrap it up

with knobs on

and a cherry on top

like it’s happy birthday every day.

Bling it

bring it

snap it

chat it

pin it

bin it

save it

grab it

stretch it

hold it.

Before it runs away again

and babes become children become adult become parent become children become

ain’t no stopping it

like a runaway train

clacketty clack clacketty clack

wild horses a-gallop

manes streaming

wings unfurled

time fleeing

and flying

and freeze framing memories in gold

and wrapping them in love

and rose coloured glasses

and placing them in a locket I wear around my neck

above my heart

which yearns

for more.


I want to slo – mo my life.

Slo- mo the good bits,

like in the movies,

talk . . .ing . . . slow . . . ly . . . .voice . . . deep . . face . . gur . . nee . . inggg .

Fast forward through the dross

and rewind da good times!!!!

And press pause.

Slow down, wait, let me catch my breath,

wait for me.

A million yesterdays make mockery of tomorrow,

while today waits


with baited breath

on her cheek

and a question mark under her tongue.

Oh Time, are you friend or foe?

More relentless than the sea

more elusive than the wind



holder of secrets and memories and promises

grain by grain

ever ticking and tocking

ever marching on

ever after.

Happy ever after.

The time is Now.

No time like the present.

The greatest gift.

Carpe diem.






















6 Comments Add yours

  1. Joan Cary says:

    Another lovely well written piece. Love reading all of this literature xx


  2. Anthony says:

    At times I am frightened to blink, don’t want to miss anything. Everything I see is so precious, precious just like time.
    Lovely words Leah and much love and strength to you x


    1. Bless you thank you for that Anthony.


  3. Karen says:

    Beautiful words.Precious memories,precious time.Stay strong Leah


  4. Sylvia Haynes says:

    Wow so well writen and so true I have metastatic breast cancer and this is so my world whizzing by as fast as can be I get scared to blink time is rushing so fast but we are still here lots of love & strength from a fellow fighter sharing precious time together ❤


  5. Helen Quaintmere says:

    Yet again, thought provoking beautiful words. I find myself thinking more and more about how quickly the years are zipping by. .It’s rush rush rush. . I want it to hush hush hush. Thanks Leah, I will cherish every bit of tomorrow, even the bits I don’t want to do . . Xxx


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